Sessions - FAQ

Q. What does my session fee include?

A. Your session fee covers my time and expertise in styling and planning the session, photographing the session, time spent in selection and editing as well as preparing for our viewing and ordering session afterwards. It does not include any products or digital images.

Q. How far in advance should I book my session with you?

A. the sooner the better. specially during peak season like the fall.

Q. How long will my session last?

A. This depends on the type of session. Family sessions typically last around 45 minutes to 1 hour, engagement sessions are 1-1.5 hours on average. Newborn lifestyle sessions are anywhere from 2-3 hours to allow for ample time to comfort, feed, and change baby.

Q. Do you have a studio?

A. My artistic style depends very much on natural light in a natural environment therefore I photograph primarily outdoors utilizing natural light. That said, I have access to various studio spaces if you prefer an indoor location, subject to availability and an additional fee. There are also various public locations throughout the city that occasionally allow photo sessions.

Q. How many photos will you take?

A. As many as I need to. :) On average a lifestyle session will yield approximately 30 images for viewing. I carefully cull the images for duplicates and images that don’t meet my artistic and stylistic standards. You will see the best of the best!

Q. Can I see all the unedited images?

A. Nope! No one except me sees those. They’re unfinished and just the start of my artistic post-processing. As I said above, you’ll see the best of the best…finished, edited images you and I will both be proud to see on your walls. :)

Q. Do you sell digital files?

A. Yes

Q. Why don’t you include digital files in your session fee anymore?

A. Send me a message, I’ll take you for coffee and explain it to you. :)

Q. Do you edit the pictures?

A. Absolutely, this is part of my service. Each image you purchase is professionally retouched and prepared for the print size and medium you choose. My retouching services include blemish removal, minimizing of under eye circles and similar. Environmental changes such as body slimming, braces removal, hair thickening or color changes or similar will incur additional charges on a case-by-case basis.