Miami Wedding Photography | Thalatta Estate | Angelica & Diego

Capturing a wedding like Angelica and Diego’s always means so much more to me than the photographer’s observing eye.  I take each job personally, each connection to heart, and experience each wedding as though it were my first.

Thoughts of this wedding bring me instantaneous bouts of happiness.  Not only was I offered the opportunity to capture a match made in heaven, my clients were a perfect match for me.  Angelica and Diego were like my family from our very first consultation.  Sure, we share geographical lineage, but my bond with Angelica and Diego fused on a deeper level from a love of family, similar life paths, and, of all things, technology.  In fact, after the wedding I even hired Diego for his tech skills. 

The setting of the wedding, the Thalatta Estate, was not only visually captivating, but the garden setting was Angelica’s lifelong dream.  This location was straight out of a fairytale movie; a palace from which magic flowed and light sparkled over the entire wedding party.

Magic aside, this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve attended.  Thank you, Angelica and Diego! for allowing me to share in this day with you and capture the beauty of your lifelong commitment and deep love. 

Every day I feel like the luckiest person, to be able to do work that I love that is infused with passion, enjoyment, and happily-ever-afters.

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Creative Team

Reception Venue: Thalatta Estate
Church: St. Francis de Sales
Makeup & Hair: Deisy Rodriguez

Florist: Events on a Budget
Videographer: B
lue Poem Films
Music Band: Tartara
Photo Booth: The Photo Spot
Photography: Miguel Ocque
Assistant Photographer: Nathan Hamler