Miami Wedding Photography | Chelsea & Phillip

Chelsea and Phil's wedding was very unique. First they are very down to earth folks. They love things simple but elegant. They madly love each other and you will see that in the images below. They are originally from Indiana. They always wanted a destination wedding.

This wedding took place at the Key Largo Lighthouse venue. The service there was excellent. The place itself is perfect for those who want something intimate and homey. In fact the whole venue is an old house with a pool and everything. They had a band that also drove 22 hours from indiana to be with them (that is love). 

I started photographing around 3pm. The sky looked like if a hurricane was coming. But by the time it was ceremony time suddenly the sky cleared up and we were able to proceed. It was a true miracle. 

In the end the couple had an amazing night filled with lots of love and joy sharing the experience with their family and closest friends. I honestly could not be happier to be part of it. Oh I alms forgot, I must say the music band stole the show. They were amazing!!!!

Congratulations Chelsea and Phil! You guys are awesome!

Much appreciation,



Venue: Key Largo Lighthouse
Officiant: Daron Earlewine, Pub Theology
Music Band: High Tide Trio (HT3)
Photography: Miami Wedding Miguel Ocque Photography
Assistant Photographer: Robert Rios